Halo light hook up

INSTALLATION Lets begin Take off your side marker lht just 2 screws Then you need to remove your bezels 4 screws Keep on going and remove your whole headlht assembly 4 screws and a plug in the back What i did was take the electrical cleaner and spray the headlht plugs just some extra work i guess. So once you get all that done, you just start to install everything back on, you mht have some troubles with the wires running on the sides of the lht. Hope this helped you, if you have any problems at all contact me. Installation Instructions. Please read and understand entire instructions before starting installation. LED HALO LHT AND TRIM RING INSTALLATION. -cont.-.

ANZO USA Don’t Get Left in The Dark~ I took my electrical test lht from Harbor Freht i got for 2 bucks and tested my wire to see which was the positive wire so i knew which to wire my leds to I tested mine and found out that the blue/red is the positive. install the ring around the lht 4 screws, install the bezel, then the side marker lht! Maybe -DOM- im sure hes willing to help Continue--- So if you guys are worried about spendin your money on these dont worry, here are some finished pictures--- Heres the Blue LEDS- Here is the regular headlhts--- Now here is the brhts! AnzoUSA offers the best quality performance lhting products at an affordable cost. Anzo USA carries different aftermarket lhting such as projector headlhts, led.

Halo Headlht Accent Installation Available in Jacksonville Now you should be at this point if your following Well now you should have these bad boys! ---- Heres the regular headlhts but shining on something (helluva lot better then my stock lhts!!! Mar 21, 2015. One of the most popular custom modifications we perform at Audio Desns & Custom Graphics is halo lht installation. It is a category that is.

ANZO USA Don’t Get Left in The Dark~
<strong>Halo</strong> Headlht Accent Installation Available in Jacksonville

Halo light hook up:

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