Harsh reality of dating

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Reality Define Reality at When Ru Paul eliminates a contestant on Ru Paul's Drag Race, the over-the-top hostess always bids goodbye the same way: 'Sashay away.'Though the message is definitely one of dismissal, it's not exactly unkind — which is why fans are so surprised by the way it has been translated into Portuguese. Reality definition, the state or quality of being real. See more.

<i>Harsh</i> Online <i>Dating</i> Realities That No One Talks

Harsh Online Dating Realities That No One Talks It seems that once misguided translator in Portugal decided to change the line for locals to read: 'Bye, go home, no one loves you.'According to Twitter user Phil (@phi_lipi), the odd odd choice of words can be found by Netflix viewers in Portugal. From race relations being terrible online to dital dating warping your sense of intimacy, our friends at The Frisky came up with a list of some.

Portuguese translation of RuPaul's

Portuguese translation of RuPaul's The show — which is still aired in English — features Portuguese subtitles that don't appear to have been approved by the show itself. Bye, go home, no one loves you' Netflix Portugal came up with a VERY harsh translation of RuPaul's 'sashay away' Drag Race catchphrase. Netflix Portugal offers.

Harsh reality of dating:

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